in the past in a sentence

"in the past" in Chinese  
  1. Petrobras stock is up 21 percent in the past 30 sessions.
  2. South Africa has easily defeated both in the past 18 months.
  3. The Suns have made mistakes in the past in babying players.
  4. Rates on home equity loans were mixed in the past week.
  5. There have been in the past a large number of irregularities.
  6. It's difficult to find in the past in a sentence.
  7. I could have had a better idea in the past years.
  8. The company has been the target of saboteurs in the past.
  9. People keep operating on the same principles as in the past.
  10. The way to judge is how you performed in the past,
  11. That has never in the past been a focus of regulation.
  12. Gasoline prices have soared 33 percent in the past two months.
  13. But he has had six concussions in the past 27 months.
  14. Canal Plus has risen 19 percent in the past nine sessions.
  15. Congress has failed to take this issue seriously in the past.
  16. We worked hard to get to the playoffs in the past,
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