in the panel in a sentence

"in the panel" in Chinese  
  1. Circuit Judge Damon Keith wrote in the panel's decision.
  2. None of the water companies took part in the panel discussions.
  3. Many elements in the panel incorporate earlier iconographical conventions depicting hell.
  4. Further engine details are provided in the panel to the right.
  5. Listed in the panel are icons representing any running applications.
  6. It's difficult to find in the panel in a sentence.
  7. Soffit vents fit in the panels on the underside of the eaves.
  8. But as interest in the panel mounted, so did the price.
  9. A few more items in the panel's draft:
  10. In the panel dedicated to Louis XIII, Cardinal Mazarin succeeded Richelieu.
  11. A further advantage is found in the panel output quality.
  12. The religious significance of Gajalakshmi is well brought out in the panel.
  13. Rhodes said the asbestos is encapsulated in the panels.
  14. But some said the party-line friction in the panel was predictable.
  15. To switch among applications, you click on its icon in the panel.
  16. And his faith in the panel is probably justified.
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