in the case in a sentence

"in the case" in Chinese  
  1. Wailes said Litton was not admitting any wrongdoing in the case.
  2. Lawyers for both sides in the case agreed to accept Ito.
  3. Many people involved in the case questioned Tisch's motives.
  4. But no one else has ever been arrested in the case.
  5. The judge in the case has not yet released a ruling.
  6. It's difficult to find in the case in a sentence.
  7. The court is expected to rule in the case by July.
  8. You have to take responsibility for the verdict in the case.
  9. Prosecutors have asked that the jury be sequestered in the case.
  10. In the case of Goldwater and Shapp religious issues were overshadowed.
  11. He was the 14th person to be convicted in the case.
  12. Two prison guards have been indicted for murder in the case.
  13. They also said the company had cooperated fully in the case.
  14. Officials have said that more arrests are expected in the case.
  15. In the case of " The Horse Whisperer,"
  16. But more about my part in the case in a moment.
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