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  1. Chemical was one of the earliest to resume payments in specie.
  2. He took at least 2.6 million in specie during his trip.
  3. The Bank issued its own currency and kept its working funds in specie.
  4. The trader does not hold them for enjoyment in specie.
  5. An established gold reserve allowed for daily variations in specie flows and facilitated resumption.
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  7. In desperation, Dirk Struan turned to Jin-Qua, who lent him one million sterling in specie.
  8. After the war, Connor began involvement in specie payments.
  9. The warship had on board sixty thousand livres in specie and as many as 200 recruits.
  10. Glencore's divestment in Lonmin will be implemented by way of a distribution in specie to Glencore shareholders.
  11. The ability of the government to redeem the Demand Notes in specie came under pressure in December 1861.
  12. Shaler took out $ 75, 000 in specie and then divested the packet after ransoming her for $ 8000.
  13. The crew was saved, and proceeded to make off with the $ 60, 000 in specie that she was carrying.
  14. In English law, in principle reparation must be done " in specie " unless another remedy is  more appropriate.
  15. So, if he does not choose to repair a vessel which remains in specie, but is a constructive total loss.
  16. There Byron landed at the pier $ 20, 000 in specie that he had brought from Jamaica for merchants in London.
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