in specialty in a sentence

"in specialty" in Chinese  
  1. Bucket brigades still see use in specialty applications, such as guitar effects.
  2. In specialty stores or the Mexican food section of some grocery stores.
  3. We have a shortage of more experienced nurses, particularly in specialty areas,
  4. It's available in specialty markets, usually in a tube or a can.
  5. Most of the varieties we know in specialty coffee are really cultivars.
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  7. In addition, Unocal has interests in specialty minerals and in real estate.
  8. Gardner sees a market in specialty stores and restaurants for the meat.
  9. Nevertheless, some sales declined or only rose slightly, mostly in specialty apparel.
  10. Based in Ohio, SCOA operates licensed shoe departments in specialty and department stores.
  11. 4 ounces veal or duck demi-glace ( available frozen in specialty food stores)
  12. The Medical Institute prepares medical professionals in specialties of General Medicine and Pediatrics.
  13. Salicornia is available in specialty shops in season, from summer to early fall.
  14. Now the beans are reappearing in specialty shops, restaurants and coffeehouses.
  15. The second were those involved in specialty agriculture like animal husbandry.
  16. It can be found in specialty shops, restaurants and some supermarkets.
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