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  1. This allowed the Medical Department to commission individuals in specialities if need be.
  2. Shetland cattle are currently used as a meat cattle in speciality, niche markets.
  3. Lotus group specialize and serve in speciality treatments, community ophthalmology and medical tourisms.
  4. The goal was to allow the Medical Department to commission individuals in specialities if need be.
  5. They wanted someone who would teach in specialities different from those of the rest of the faculty.
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  7. Cotton fibre is used in speciality grades, usually in printing paper for such things as resumes and currency.
  8. -- Hexavalent chromium : A form of the metallic element chromium found in speciality paints and cement or concrete.
  9. Not exactly as widely available as iceberg lettuce, it is still relatively easy to find in speciality food markets.
  10. Some supermarkets, delicatessens and bakeries similarly offer gluten free products and there has been a rise in speciality stores.
  11. The UGG Australia brand was imported to the USA where they were sold in speciality retailers such as surf shops.
  12. However, it is still available year-round in speciality sweet shops, where it is usually broken by hand and wrapped in paper.
  13. Like other Belgian brewers, Interbrew hopes to cash in on the growing interest in speciality brews generated by the microbrewery boom in the United States.
  14. The search and rescue team is made up of firefighters from across the state who are trained in specialities such as hazardous materials and the use of rescue dogs.
  15. Company s inherently focus on innovation to provide better products to consumers has led it to penetrate the market with most 1st to market launches in speciality product portfolios.
  16. Or consumers might go prowling after hours with demilitarized versions of infrared-vision equipment, available by mail order and in speciality shops for $ 2, 400 or so.
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