in special in a sentence

"in special" meaning  "in special" in Chinese  
  1. Many have fresh fish flown in special delivery from around the world.
  2. It could also be argued that those defeats were in special circumstances.
  3. Workers in special suits wrap airtight steel containers around the leaking rounds.
  4. Their ballots _ called tendered ballots _ were placed in special envelopes.
  5. He expressed concern about the number of children in special education classes.
  6. It's difficult to find in special in a sentence.
  7. Congress is reviewing the contract in special sessions that began last week.
  8. The disks worked only in special players connected to your telephone line.
  9. Others maintain membership in traditional congregations but also participate in special rituals.
  10. Dec . 8 : Florida Legislature to meet in special session.
  11. He was pursuing a doctorate in special education at Columbia University.
  12. Morishige Hisaya ( 1913 ) played Nariaki in special guest appearances.
  13. They were instead resettled in special Jewish quarters outside the cities.
  14. This training is purchased in special areas within the city walls.
  15. Rodgers also has an MS in special education from Boston College.
  16. The problem was the schools were requesting players in special positions.
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