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  1. "If they tell us to go, we'll go, " chimed in Spec.
  2. Do you understand the meaning of the word " in spec "?
  3. Therefore, a total of 13 candidates were left standing in SPEC's final list.
  4. Inspur K-UX 2.2 is featured in SPEC benchmark results, running on the Inspur K1 800 server.
  5. I was as out of this business as a secretary mailing in spec scripts from Des Moines.
  6. It's difficult to find in spec in a sentence.
  7. In fact, it's almost identical in specs.
  8. In the case of subject extraction ( the trace in Spec-IP ), antecedent-government is the only possible option.
  9. NOTE : This drawing doesn't show 8 new UHS-II contacts that were added in spec 4.0 . ]]
  10. Many of these are identical to the M190 in specs, and even in the casing and mounting details.
  11. In the UK, Boxsters take part in the BRSCC Porsche Championship, in Spec or Production specification and in the Porsche Club Championship.
  12. How can you possibly use a pejorative term like " fantastic " when 4.5 million have been cast "'in spec "'for a formal DOT?
  13. How can you possibly use a pejorative term like " fantastic " when 4.5 million have been cast in spec for a formal DOT?
  14. The only growth in prototype numbers has been in spec racing class LMPC in which all class competitors use identical Oreca chassis powered by a Chevrolet engine.
  15. If the trace is in Spec-IP and we have an overt complementizer ( such as " that " ), the sentence is ungrammatical because the ECP is violated.
  16. They also provide a signal to the motherboard to indicate when the DC voltages are in spec, so that the computer is able to safely power up and boot.
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