in spear in a sentence

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  1. The whole girl / woman thing erupts in Spears'first scene in " Crossroads ."
  2. Spinifex resin was an important adhesive used in spear-making.
  3. The dog shows unusual interest in Spears and barks.
  4. Reviewers noted the use of Auto-Tune in Spears'voice.
  5. Shalya is killed by Yudhishthira in spear-combat.
  6. It's difficult to find in spear in a sentence.
  7. It is a nod made explicit in Spears'invention of the name Nyla, an acronym of New York-Louisiana.
  8. The song was also included in Spears's setlist for the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 24th, 2016.
  9. The song was also included in Spears's setlist for the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 24, 2016.
  10. Jennifer Freyd, a researcher at the University of Oregon, has been instrumental in spear-heading the ARC3 survey initiative.
  11. Early NgokLand settlers were experts in hunting, fishing, farming, grazing and were skillful in spear and stick fighting.
  12. The initial stages of their relationship were chronicled in Spears's first reality show " Britney & Kevin : Chaotic ".
  13. Possibly due to its cultural significance, pattern-welded blades are common in spear heads, and the sockets were often decorated with silver inlaid patterns.
  14. Since the show's debut, other major performers, such as Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, have followed in Spears'footsteps and accepted residency offers as well.
  15. Federline felt the public and press saw him as someone who was " in Spears'shadow " and only wanted to benefit from the relationship.
  16. One fellow wrote Vanderbilt produced " almost certainly the legit top Heisman candidate in Spears, if there had been a Heisman Trophy to award in 1927 ."
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