in spades in a sentence

"in spades" meaning  "in spades" in Chinese  
  1. This 2 bid implies length in hearts and denies length in spades.
  2. One quality that the new library has in spades is space.
  3. "Lost in Space " the movie shows us that in spades.
  4. The suspense should be cerebral; fortunately, we get that in spades next week.
  5. But if it pays off, it could pay off in spades.
  6. It's difficult to find in spades in a sentence.
  7. Yet she lacks two qualities that her husband possesses in spades.
  8. And the complete abandonment of any journalistic standards is showing in spades ."
  9. It burns body fat in spades and makes them feel strong.
  10. Let's start with the locals, currently experiencing annus horribilis in spades.
  11. The relationship between Shane and the kid pays off in spades.
  12. But then time, and space, are things Marfa has in spades.
  13. The only areas where we see that in spades is technology.
  14. Her subject matter may lack sophistication, but her methods have it in spades.
  15. What Selleck has in spades as a performer is low-key charisma.
  16. This movie has poignancy _ real and manufactured _ in spades.
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