in space in a sentence

"in space" in Chinese  
  1. We will be in space forever with people circling this globe,
  2. Many students have watched his three flights in space on television.
  3. He is now also the oldest person to travel in space.
  4. Some have even more ambitious ideas for free enterprise in space.
  5. Shostakovich not only composed a piece that Gagarin sang in space.
  6. It's difficult to find in space in a sentence.
  7. The commission also said that military conflicts in space are inevitable.
  8. Similar in space requirements and energy use to a top freezer.
  9. The crew returned Feb . 20 after 13 days in space.
  10. Fill in spaces by tucking short sprigs of boxwood between apples.
  11. SPACE MILESTONES _ A box showing key dates in space exploration.
  12. Mostly they invent favorite foods and make them workable in space.
  13. Shoemaker is the first to have his remains stay in space.
  14. I do think I would like to fly again in space.
  15. They work well and could be made to apply in space.
  16. They have to get him in space to make some plays.
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