in soviet russia in a sentence

  1. The false diagnosis of schizophrenia was very common in Soviet Russia.
  2. In Soviet Russia, everyone had to work together for themselves.
  3. They are acting like the secret police in Soviet Russia.
  4. Some of these trial maneuveres were conducted in Soviet Russia.
  5. He was born in Soviet Russia during the Polish-Soviet War.
  6. It's difficult to find in soviet russia in a sentence.
  7. H鰃lund stayed until spring of 1918 in Soviet Russia.
  8. In Soviet Russia rapes were only a concern if they undermined military discipline.
  9. The party was more influential during the NEP era in Soviet Russia resp.
  10. In May 1918 Minor arrived in Soviet Russia, where he remained until November.
  11. In the 1920s the library received many items confiscated during nationalization in Soviet Russia.
  12. Thus was a community of the Dominican Third Order Regular established in Soviet Russia.
  13. He raised funds for needy university students in Soviet Russia and eighteen other countries.
  14. In the 1930s, Kenamore covered stories in Europe, particularly in Soviet Russia.
  15. You think the cult of personality really is something we hear about in Soviet Russia.
  16. Dora escaped Germany with her daughter in 1936, joining her husband in Soviet Russia.
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