in soviet georgia in a sentence

  1. It acquired the status of a town in Soviet Georgia in 1934.
  2. Nationalism in Soviet Georgia emerged in 1989 when the weakening of the Soviet Union began.
  3. After Kazbegi's emigration, his wife Ekaterine Chichua and their younger son Nika stayed in Soviet Georgia.
  4. But the shortage of card-carrying centers figures to make the player formerly known as Tsakalov ( in Soviet Georgia ) a lottery lock . . ..
  5. GNG was mainly manned by volunteers and more experienced Georgian officers who were serving in Soviet Georgia which would later provide the basis for the regular armed forces.
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  7. Her scarf, hung to one side of her tree boat, reminded me of the prayer cloths I'd once seen tied to trees in Soviet Georgia.
  8. During the Soviet years, the Russian people continued to consume enormous quantities of " champagne, " most of it made in Soviet Georgia and Ukraine, with imports from Hungary and other Soviet satellites.
  9. Deported en masse from their homes in Soviet Georgia by Stalin during World War II, they were deposited in Central Asia where, in 1989, they were forced to flee from a pogrom by Uzbek nationalists.
  10. In 1944, he further reworked the story as the play, " The Caucasian Chalk Circle ", moving the events to medieval Georgia, adding a prologue set in Soviet Georgia, and greatly elaborating the narrative.
  11. One evening in Soviet Georgia, emerul khachapuri, a flatbread made of yogurt and wheat, stuffed with cheese and baked on a griddle, was the center of a family meal, a meal that expanded each time someone knocked on the door.
  12. He and other experts say that there are no records to substantiate the claims of 115-year-olds in Soviet Georgia, and that there is evidence to suggest that such people are using birth certificates of relatives a generation or two older.
  13. Shlonsky was noted for his sensitive activism on behalf of Boris Gaponov . Gaponov, as editor of the Communist Party daily in an auto plant in Soviet Georgia, translated the Georgian epic " The Knight in the Panther's Skin " by Shota Rustaveli into Hebrew.
  14. Marketing analysts for " The Wise Marketer " noted that after the In Soviet Georgia ads, the Dannon company reversed a loss trend and started making profits in 1975, which would not end until the fiscal year 1990, when price hikes for yogurt across the board caused sales to decline.
  15. A mere dateline, on an article from Tbilisi in Soviet Georgia in 1988, was enough to set off Herman against " some cartographic czar " who had decreed that the long-sanctioned " Tiflis " should be replaced by the " jaw-breaking " native version.
  16. There are programs, designs, posters and a rare Italian dancing manual, a gift from Diaghilev . How close Balanchine still remained with his family in Soviet Georgia is revealed by a letter he received in New York in 1935 : his mother asks him to promote the music of his composer-brother, Andrei Balanchivadze.
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