in southeast asia in a sentence

"in southeast asia" in Chinese  
  1. A conflict with China could destroy all the progress in Southeast Asia.
  2. Also weighing on the yen is ongoing currency turmoil in Southeast Asia.
  3. The soil disease is most common in Southeast Asia and northern Australia.
  4. Attacks were repelled after intervention by several central banks in Southeast Asia.
  5. The Philippines cannot compete with other exporters ( in Southeast Asia ).
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  7. The company will spend the highest allocation in Southeast Asia this year.
  8. The metropolitan area is the second most populous in Southeast Asia.
  9. The virus has spread widely among bird populations in Southeast Asia.
  10. Vietnam is the last big frontier in Southeast Asia for carmakers.
  11. Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia also celebrated the Lunar New Year.
  12. Swanson later volunteered for a second combat tour in Southeast Asia.
  13. Bangkok has some of the worst traffic jams in Southeast Asia.
  14. Her manifestation as Durga has also been found in southeast Asia.
  15. The Philippines has one of the weakest militaries in Southeast Asia.
  16. Gold is a traditional hedge against economic crises in Southeast Asia.
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