in soundings in a sentence

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  1. But carmakers are not alone in sounding like a classic rock station.
  2. The media played no, or a very insignificant, role in sounding the alarm.
  3. Animal protection groups are not alone in sounding an alarm.
  4. They only succeed in sounding more joyless than ever.
  5. The West has expressed interest in sounding him out.
  6. It's difficult to find in soundings in a sentence.
  7. There was no embarrassment in sounding like us.
  8. Musical notation frequently specifies alteration in timbre by changes in sounding technique, volume, accent, and other means.
  9. Music kicked in sounding like a giant clothes dryer with several pairs of sneakers thumping around inside.
  10. They succeeded in sounding totally different from previous recordings, creating original atmospheres and landscapes with an acoustic twist.
  11. So Art A . Borjal, a columnist in The Philippine Star, may have felt justified in sounding jubilant.
  12. The West has expressed interest in sounding him out, when he was safely out of Yugoslavia, on any developments.
  13. Jenkins has a different concern : the schizophrenic inconsistency in sounding an alarm while urging the public to resume daily activities.
  14. The system might be useful in sounding the alarm when the population is facing imminent missile strikes, tsunamis, or radiation leaks.
  15. There's also a certain risk for both candidates that in sounding so much like the other, voters start hankering for someone who doesn't.
  16. Fastie's interests also moved to astronomy in the 1960s, and he designed a number of precision-pointing telescopes whose designs are still used in sounding rockets.
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