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  1. Other state companies in sound condition are expected to be listed eventually.
  2. Engineering assessment shows the rail-bed, bridges and tunnels to be in sound condition.
  3. The 30-foot-by-20-foot ( 9-meter-by-6-meter ) lions are in sound condition after all those years.
  4. Furthermore, our banks are not yet in sound condition.
  5. Like any other company, Credit Lyonnais needs stability to pursue its development in sound conditions.
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  7. In 1993 the synagogue was in sound condition.
  8. Engineering assessment shows the trackbed and structures ( bridges, tunnels etc . ) to be in sound condition.
  9. The following Tuesday, Wells Fargo reopened in sound condition, despite a loss of one-third of its net worth.
  10. Despite recent sharp increases in catches, the region's tuna stocks " appear generally to be in sound condition,"
  11. As it was found to be in sound condition, capable of running on arrival, it was instead decided to repair the collision damage and restore it as a complete vehicle.
  12. :" A good specimen is one which is not only in sound condition and of nice quality, but which embodies the features of its period in an entirely representative way.
  13. For example, it said, to keep Medicare's hospital trust fund in sound condition over the next 25 years, outlays would have to be reduced by 30 percent or payroll taxes increased by 44 percent.
  14. When the station closed to passenger traffic in 1969 it was noted that the station had an old shed type of building with paintwork in good repair and that the structure was in sound condition.
  15. The experts gave the opinion that the structure and all the pillars of the bridge are in sound condition and the bridge would be able to serve the North East region of the country for years to come.
  16. BS6576 : 2005 states that " " Where the plaster appears to be in sound condition, the extent of plaster to be removed may be minimised by delaying any decision to replaster until the drying period is complete . ""
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