in shock in a sentence

"in shock" in Chinese  
  1. "We are in shock, " she said.
  2. "Everybody's walking around in shock ."
  3. The Diaz couple still are in shock over Kelly being shuttered.
  4. On the platform, a lot of people were in shock.
  5. "Right now I'm in shock ."
  6. It's difficult to find in shock in a sentence.
  7. "They were in shock, " he said.
  8. "I was in shock, " he said.
  9. I still continue to be in shock at the decision today.
  10. In shock, I stared at him in the rearview mirror.
  11. "I'm pretty much in shock,"
  12. When Andre made that second move, I was in shock,
  13. When Andre made the second move, I was in shock.
  14. I was in shock when I saw my grandmother working there.
  15. In shock, in anger, in pain, they wept.
  16. "People are in shock, " said Ishige.
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