in shoals in a sentence

"in shoals" in Chinese  
  1. Grayling like to live in shoals and are sensitive to pollution.
  2. A carnivorous surface feeder, it occurs in shoals near the shoreline.
  3. Nicholson operates a farming business in Shoal Lake, Manitoba.
  4. This probably indicates that they were gregarious in life, congregating in shoals.
  5. A gregarious fish and move in shoals during monsoon.
  6. It's difficult to find in shoals in a sentence.
  7. Born in Lafayette, Indiana, Evans attended public schools in Shoals, Indiana.
  8. They usually spawn in shoals without complex courtship rituals, and males outnumber females.
  9. Fish in shoals " share " information by monitoring each other s behaviour closely.
  10. They live in shoals near the water surface, but go deep in winter.
  11. Fish also aggregate in shoals to spawn.
  12. They Graduate in Shoals at Radcliffe.
  13. The mullet also lives in shoals near estuaries but go up rivers in search of food.
  14. Born in Shoals, Indiana, his family moved to Orange County, California in 1903.
  15. His radar detects boulders inches under the surface and gaps in shoals where gaps don't exist.
  16. Despite all efforts, the " Col髇 " was taken by the sea and sank in shoal water.
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