in shirtsleeves in a sentence

"in shirtsleeves" in Chinese  
  1. Of lonely men in shirtsleeves, leaning out of windows.
  2. You won ! " as Gore, in shirtsleeves, beamed.
  3. Attired in shirtsleeves, he laughed often and heartily during the hourlong interview.
  4. Police patrolled the area, some strolling around in shirtsleeves over bulletproof vests.
  5. In shirtsleeves, he glanced again at Th閞鑣e, who had not stirred.
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  7. There you could see bright dresses, men in shirtsleeves, embroidered Ukrainian blouses.
  8. People are sitting outside in shirtsleeves.
  9. Suddenly I noticed Altman, in shirtsleeves, across a desktop with a telephone at his ear.
  10. "We're in shirtsleeves while you people back there are digging out,"
  11. They urged him to join them, and after some coaxing, he did, in shirtsleeves.
  12. Standing in shirtsleeves under a bright sun, Morkos admitted the weather has been in his favor.
  13. The temperature at the start of the event was 48 degrees, and some spectators were in shirtsleeves.
  14. Kim was dressed casually in shirtsleeves and slacks and took out several plastic bags of garbage, he said.
  15. Soon I was in shirtsleeves, reaching down to uproot deadnettles, which were already crimson with new growth.
  16. They present frozen images of men in shirtsleeves, pens poised over note pads, their faces absorbed in thought.
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