in shifting sands in a sentence

  1. The schedule says that 52 games remain, but that's a number written in shifting sand.
  2. "In Shifting Sands, " which opens Friday in Manhattan, exclusively reflects that point of view.
  3. Since then, the world according to Osama bin Laden has all but vanished like footprints in shifting sands of time.
  4. The 10th and 11th segments of the larva each carries a transverse row of long hooklets that it uses in anchoring itself and in shifting sand.
  5. A wealthy Iraqi-American businessman, Shakir al-Khafaji, contributed $ 400, 000 toward the making of " In Shifting Sands ."
  6. It's difficult to find in shifting sands in a sentence.
  7. ""'In Shifting Sands : The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq " "'is a 2001 documentary by Scott Ritter that discusses the UNSCOM inspections in Iraq.
  8. The ancient burgh was located near to Crimond, Scotland, but the village was largely destroyed and never recovered after a storm in the 18th century that covered it in shifting sands from the nearby dunes at Rattray Head.
  9. IRAQ-FILM-REVIEW ( Undated ) _ " In Shifting Sands : The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq, " a documentary written and directed by Scott Ritter, the former U . N . arms inspector.
  10. "In Shifting Sands " is a surprisingly dry and dispassionate account of the U . N . weapons inspection team, often known as Unscom and its frustrated efforts to ferret out Saddam Hussein's " weapons of mass destruction ."
  11. In June 2000, Ritter penned a piece for Arms Control Today entitled " The Case for Iraq's Qualitative Disarmament " . 2001 saw the theatrical release of his documentary on the UNSCOM weapons inspections in Iraq, " In Shifting Sands : The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq ".
  12. FINALLY : Scott Ritter, the former U . N . weapons inspector who's against the proposed impending war against Iraq and was at the Roxie last week for a showing of his movie, documentary, " In Shifting Sands, " rushed off Thursday night to grab a red-eye home to upstate New York.
  13. `IN SHIFTING SANDS : The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq'Directed by Scott Ritter; written by Ritter, Scott Rosann and Alex Cohn; directors of photography, Dan Lehrecke, John Millieghta and Mark Niuewenhof; edited by Jed Factor; music by Eban Levy; produced by Cohn; released by M & L Banks.
  14. These worlds spiral into one another, and their inhabitants spin along, negotiating extremes of human circumstance barrenness, the ( fated ) pursuit of glamour, madness, death struggling, all the while, to plant roots in shifting sand . " Many of the stories deal with the lives of African women negotiating concerns such as barrenness, polygamy and widowhood, and Wood has said that " these are the writings of a womanist, a feminist.

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