in ruins in a sentence

"in ruins" meaning  "in ruins" in Chinese  
  1. It lay in ruins until last year when a reconstruction program began.
  2. Neighboring Tajikistan has recently emerged from civil war and is in ruins.
  3. The building now stands in ruins by the Slinger railroad tracks.
  4. But years of communist misrule have left the economy in ruins.
  5. Some doors out of the galleries open onto rooms in ruin.
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  7. The abbey then stood in ruins for over two hundred years.
  8. But now Hitler had killed himself and Germany was in ruins.
  9. The homes were in ruins _ but not from American bombs.
  10. An adjacent retail mall also has been in ruins since January.
  11. You people in ruins : What will time say about you?
  12. But destroyed neighborhoods remain in ruins, and thousands are still homeless.
  13. The thousands of estates throughout Russia that are just in ruins?
  14. Fighting and looting has left much of the capital in ruins.
  15. Heffernan left the church to find the trade towers in ruins.
  16. The castle was abandoned in 1708 and now lies in ruins.
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