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"in right of" meaning  "in right of" in Chinese  
  1. Use of secret notes risky says lawyer in right of abode case, HONGKONG
  2. Another issue is whether the Crown in Right of New Zealand is bound.
  3. Votes were held in right of the states, rather than personally.
  4. As the election loomed, internal disputes in Right of Centre occurred.
  5. Nathaniel assumed in right of his mother the surname and arms of Moore.
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  7. Nevertheless, Godfrey took over the government of the Tuscany in right of Beatrice and Matilda.
  8. In 1627 he was further made a burgess of Dundee in right of his father.
  9. In right of this wife Rossmore inherited an estate on the Scottish Isle of Arran.
  10. In 1459 Richard was summoned to Parliament as Lord Dacre in right of his wife.
  11. In 1570 he unsuccessfully claimed the Barony Willoughby de Eresby in right of his wife.
  12. However, in 1461 Merseyside are still appointed by the Queen in right of the duchy.
  13. His younger son, Guy, in right of his mother, became head of the House of Laval.
  14. It was later called out abeyance for the Earl of Kent in right of his wife.
  15. Crown Prosecutors represent the Crown in right of the Director of Public Prosecutions for particular cases.
  16. Like many other common law terms, the term originated in right of audience before all courts.
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