in reward in a sentence

"in reward" in Chinese  
  1. The community responded with $ 6, 000 in reward money.
  2. So far, dlrs 8 million in rewards have been paid out.
  3. In reward they will get eternal life in physical form.
  4. Low levels of norepinephrine cause an increase in reward dependence.
  5. In rewards-based crowdfunding, funding does not rely on location.
  6. It's difficult to find in reward in a sentence.
  7. Christmas, for instance : notoriously high in stress; rich in rewards.
  8. Mesocorticolimbic neurons play a central role in reward and other aspects of motivation.
  9. His son continued in the Imperial service, receiving further lands in reward.
  10. The USA reported 92 issues and averaged $ 2, 272 in rewards.
  11. In reward, manager Bobby Cox let him sit Saturday after a night game.
  12. Officials said they hope that an increase in reward money will spawn more tips.
  13. Would he receive a fortune in reward funds?
  14. He said the $ 25 million in reward money had contributed to enlisting support.
  15. In reward, the Security Council eased sanctions.
  16. Earned : at least $ 2.2 million in rewards and other compensation.
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