in reverse in a sentence

"in reverse" meaning  "in reverse" in Chinese  
  1. Also, he needs a free rein in reversing the calls.
  2. "It's Robin Hood in reverse,"
  3. By making these connections, the system can work in reverse.
  4. The ball flew away as Fryar bounced several feet in reverse.
  5. The court action represents a rare victory in reverse discrimination cases.
  6. It's difficult to find in reverse in a sentence.
  7. I hate to see progress for black people go in reverse.
  8. This paper was going downhill in reverse for a long time.
  9. The hiring methods sound suspiciously like affirmative action working in reverse.
  10. And the issue has arisen in the past _ in reverse.
  11. Presidential leadership can make a real difference in reversing these trends.
  12. In actuality, he is a bogeyman who works in reverse.
  13. For us, it's the same thing in reverse.
  14. The same tactic works in reverse when the defense uses it.
  15. Plan No . 2 : Plan No . 1 in reverse.
  16. "Sex " is presented in reverse chronological order.
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