in reverse order in a sentence

"in reverse order" in Chinese  
  1. The 167 riders remaining in the Vuelta set off in reverse order.
  2. The top 30 finishers will start in reverse order in Sunday's race.
  3. This was in reverse order to how Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn composed.
  4. The drivers start in reverse order in Saturday's second one-hour qualifying session.
  5. The drivers started in reverse order from Friday's first round of qualifying.
  6. It's difficult to find in reverse order in a sentence.
  7. Walker hit the cycle in reverse order, home run, triple, double, single.
  8. They are 1-2 in second chances as well, but in reverse order.
  9. The simplest worst case input is an array sorted in reverse order.
  10. A . Answering you in reverse order of your questions : Ashamed?
  11. The drivers start in reverse order in the second one-hour qualifying session.
  12. In reverse order they also describe the way to liberation from samsara.
  13. The top two finishers were in reverse order of their qualifying positions.
  14. And I'd further recommend that the symphonies be listened to in reverse order.
  15. Saturday's session will have the drivers in reverse order from Friday's.
  16. The combining characters are not always stored in reverse order as Unicode normalization.
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