in reverence in a sentence

"in reverence" in Chinese  
  1. People are at ground zero standing around in reverence and awe,
  2. Some wondered if Roddick would restrain himself in reverence to Sampras.
  3. It is common for pilgrims to touch the rock in reverence.
  4. Shinto is rooted in reverence for nature and its endless cycles of renewal.
  5. But Roddick did not appear to suppress his antics in reverence to Sampras.
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  7. Before Him we shall worship in reverence and fear.
  8. Two ascetic attendants, who bow in reverence, emphasize his ascetic nature.
  9. Doormen left their posts to stare in reverence.
  10. In reverence, Judge removed his fire helmet.
  11. Mary and Joseph gaze in reverence but not, it seems, at him.
  12. The title of president is permanently left vacant in reverence for his late father.
  13. Food down here is held in reverence.
  14. Those who know how to make chicken and dumplings are held in reverence and awe.
  15. The trees bowed in reverence, tradition says, and seashells leaped from the sea.
  16. The local Muslims also hold Hinglaj Mata in reverence and provide security to the shrine.
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