in revenge in a sentence

"in revenge" in Chinese  
  1. She then tells Shane that she has cheated on her in revenge.
  2. His mother Marcia allegedly tortured two Punic prisoners to death in revenge.
  3. But one official said executions may have been carried out in revenge.
  4. Later the foster brothers of M醗l Fothartaig killed Eochaid Iarlaithe in revenge.
  5. But some Kalenjin farmers have also been killed in revenge by Kikuyus.
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  7. Robert Wideman's son was killed in revenge after a Pittsburgh bar fight.
  8. In revenge, Marion Lambert then sent the collection traveling around the world.
  9. Hwando was destroyed in revenge by the Chinese Wei forces in 244.
  10. Eleven members of the ruling African National Congress were massacred in revenge.
  11. The enraged villagers, in revenge, storm off to burn down the town.
  12. The most accepted version is that the family killed them in revenge
  13. The police said he acted in revenge against relatives who had angered him.
  14. Tribal feuds are common in the area and often result in revenge killings.
  15. Bastwar afterwards joins the battle and slays many HyMns in revenge.
  16. Since then, the renegade movement has killed four Catholics in revenge.
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