in return in a sentence

"in return" meaning  "in return" in Chinese  
  1. The boy would get $ 50 in return for the service.
  2. Syria wants Israel to return Golan Heights in return for peace.
  3. In return Israel would withdraw its troops from that same zone.
  4. Rangers general manager Doug Melvin wants pitching in return for Canseco.
  5. In return Houk carries letters and gifts back to their families.
  6. It's difficult to find in return in a sentence.
  7. Adamson agreed to testify again in return for his original sentence.
  8. But get this : The Bruins apparently wanted Tkachuk in return.
  9. She smiled at the group and raised her fist in return.
  10. Aznar has been criticized for getting little in return from Washington.
  11. Now it is time for our family to give in return.
  12. What do you get in return for what you give up?
  13. The union wants those sanctions lifted in return for some compensation.
  14. But it all depends on what the Expos get in return.
  15. Lewinsky would provide in return for the immunity she is seeking.
  16. The regional operators question just what they are getting in return.
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