in retaliation in a sentence

"in retaliation" in Chinese  
  1. In retaliation, black youths attacked and killed a Hasidic Jew.
  2. Two weeks later, the United States bombed Libya in retaliation.
  3. In retaliation, they had pillaged the homes of departing Serbs.
  4. In both cities, people predicted heightened Palestinian attacks in retaliation.
  5. The episode was in retaliation for an Arab attack in Israel.
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  7. The Bosnian army shelled the Serb suburb of Ilidze in retaliation.
  8. In retaliation, the Serbs turned tanks and artillery on Sarajevo.
  9. In retaliation the security force launched a sweeping crackdown on militants.
  10. Aushev said Russian troops shelled Arshty for three days in retaliation.
  11. On Wednesday, Bodos burned down 15 Santhal villages in retaliation.
  12. Ndahiro said Rwandan forces only fired in retaliation for Zairian attacks.
  13. Tyson claimed it was in retaliation for head butts from Holyfield.
  14. In retaliation, Israel imposed a blockade on autonomous Palestinian territories.
  15. In retaliation, the United States and Britain threatened military strikes.
  16. Policemen said it was in retaliation for Raza's death.
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