in remission in a sentence

"in remission" meaning  "in remission" in Chinese  
  1. Used alone, interferon results in remission in about 20 percent of cases.
  2. The good news was, the chemo had put his leukemia in remission.
  3. Levine described Hinckley as a patient whose mental illness was in remission.
  4. The cancer is now in remission but the battle cleaned Boyle out.
  5. He began writing after doctors told him his leukemia was in remission.
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  7. Last season the disease was in remission, meaning his kidneys stopped deteriorating.
  8. Brooke remains on Enbrel and her disease is in remission, Reiff said.
  9. But the woman believes the scorpions have kept her disease in remission.
  10. George2 s physician tells him that the leukemia is in remission.
  11. Now age 6, Maisie has been in remission for 18 months.
  12. Milken himself suffers from prostate cancer, which is currently in remission.
  13. The cancer has been in remission since the surgery and chemotherapy.
  14. While the kidney disease was in remission, he suffered from anemia.
  15. Her cancer's in remission now and she drives that Cadillac everywhere.
  16. Armstrong, 26, has been in remission for the past 18 months.
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