in relation to in a sentence

"in relation to" meaning  "in relation to" in Chinese  
  1. The official said eight men were arrested in relation to the shootouts.
  2. How much you owe in relation to credit lines available to you.
  3. There are problems in relation to the European Union which undoubtedly exist.
  4. The Russians were not sure where Kentucky was in relation to Washington.
  5. A colour is always to be seen in relation to its surroundings.
  6. It's difficult to find in relation to in a sentence.
  7. Wages are slowly approaching a more equitable level in relation to productivity.
  8. How are they rated in relation to other funds of their size?
  9. He said two people had been arrested in relation to the incident.
  10. Information on animals and humans in relation to the world around them.
  11. I think of my racial discomfort in relation to my own family.
  12. Lady Renouf was careless in relation to the security of these items.
  13. His 81 Friday was his highest Open score in relation to par.
  14. But one ought not to be alarmist in relation to these matters,
  15. The motive appears to be in relation to a domestic violence situation,
  16. Beijing views Burma as a vital buffer state in relation to India.
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