in quest of in a sentence

"in quest of" meaning  "in quest of" in Chinese  
  1. It is an institution in quest of a mission renewed and redefined.
  2. What wild foreign conspiracy would he divulge in quest of the presidency?
  3. Many books have depicted animal characters in quest of a refuge.
  4. These chronicle his voyages into mainland territories in quest of furs.
  5. I sort of glided, as op-posed to walked, in quest of meek Muscle.
  6. It's difficult to find in quest of in a sentence.
  7. The team in quest of a record fifth gold trophy brims with superlatives.
  8. Melody Logan goes to California in quest of her missing mother
  9. One is that of Telemachus, the son, going in quest of his father.
  10. Long departed is the urge to travel in quest of birds.
  11. The Rite of Memphis attracted personalities in quest of an ideal.
  12. This was all in quest of good health and exercise.
  13. He remained in quest of an ideal all his life.
  14. So Jeff and I moved aloneach in quest of a pod of larger fish.
  15. We drove across the prairie in quest of a monster.
  16. Hungary's envoys fanned out across Europe in quest of support.
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