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  1. A few no-name pitchers camping out in pup tents in the bullpen.
  2. "You have to make sure that we all aren't sleeping in pup tents,"
  3. As a result, research undertakings in PUP is extensive.
  4. As is customary, we are in pup tents ( dog houses ) in an old apple orchard.
  5. We were living in pup tents.
  6. It's difficult to find in pup in a sentence.
  7. "' Pup'ung Station "'is a railway station of the Korean State Railway in Pup'ung, Sakchu County, Amrokkang branches.
  8. The dog will then remain in pup form until the player acquires the next time bomb or finishes the stage.
  9. While in PUP, Tado was influenced by his artist friends, causing him to be involved in theater, painting and photography.
  10. In the season 1 episode " In Pups We Trust ", Howler was accused of stealing the Pound Puppies beloved items.
  11. Esquivel won election to the House of Representatives from the newly created Belize City-based Caribbean Shores constituency in PUP's Jose Coye.
  12. They'd enrolled their young charges in Pup School, a six-week course offered at Zwitt's new My Dog & Me center in Houston.
  13. They'd enrolled their young charges in Pup School, a six-week course offered at Zwitt's new My Dog & amp; Me center in Houston.
  14. Columns of officers fanned through the plant, which occupies a square kilometer in Pup-yong, a section of Inchon, a port 20 miles west of Seoul.
  15. These behavioural changes were accompanied by physical alterations, which included piebald coats, floppy ears in pups, and curled tails, similar to traits that distinguish domestic dogs from wolves.
  16. At the time of her departure to New Zealand, Hindhope Jed was already in pup to " Captain ", another of the then new " Border " strain.
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