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"in public" meaning  "in public" in Chinese  
  1. Most executions are carried out in public by a firing squad.
  2. Women in public life are treated in such a sexist fashion.
  3. The president has not personally responded in public to the allegations.
  4. We do so by showing and stirring interest in public issues.
  5. But of course the biggest deals are never done in public.
  6. It's difficult to find in public in a sentence.
  7. In public service jobs only three out of 10 is Timorese.
  8. Winning an Oscar causes people to do strange things in public.
  9. Getting things done in public can be a far different problem.
  10. Knives used for preparation of food in public would be exempt.
  11. Almost all women in public in Kabul still wear a burqa.
  12. There is a perception that people get rich in public service.
  13. President Bill Clinton is besting GOP rivals in public opinion polls.
  14. He may also be subject to inappropriate confrontation in public places.
  15. But he had never thought of playing tango music in public.
  16. Eighty percent of the equipment in public hospitals is not working.
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