in proximity to in a sentence

"in proximity to" in Chinese  
  1. And otherwise staid minds detonate in proximity to old Trumpy boats.
  2. Industrial hog farms are also located in proximity to the city.
  3. Werner believed that volcanoes only occurred in proximity to coal beds.
  4. Both female and male lacustrine settings in proximity to the coast.
  5. Also in proximity to Aakulam's Indian Air Force base.
  6. It's difficult to find in proximity to in a sentence.
  7. Wild grape varieties in proximity to cultivated grapes should be removed.
  8. The facility is in proximity to Interstate 99 and Route 36.
  9. The school is in proximity to ( ) in Mexico City.
  10. It is in proximity to U . S . Highway 75.
  11. Originally the school was located in proximity to Coleman Young Airport.
  12. Placing an explosive in proximity to an international terminal; 20 years.
  13. Coal power stations are in proximity to the coal deposits.
  14. The Empire would spread across planets in proximity to the Galactic Core.
  15. Maplewood South is in proximity to Bellaire, Meyerland, and Sharpstown.
  16. It was in proximity to the Sweetwater Country Club and golf course.
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