in proximity of in a sentence

"in proximity of" in Chinese  
  1. The three clans settled in the bay in proximity of each others.
  2. There are two railway station in proximity of 12 km.
  3. In 1950 Graduated from the Timisoara, in proximity of the Hungarian border.
  4. It will be in proximity of his ranch.
  5. When the Soviet helicopters and fixed wing aircraft in proximity of the military airfields.
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  7. The UPCL power plant and Strategic Crude oil plants are in proximity of Shirva.
  8. There is also a pro-shop located in proximity of the tennis courts.
  9. They were built in proximity of the stock exchange, the banking center, the ports.
  10. Situated on the banks of river Kali, the town is in proximity of the Himalayan foothills.
  11. Located in central Seongnam, it is also in proximity of the Tancheon and Seoul Air Base.
  12. The company is based in Cambridge, MA, in proximity of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  13. As her home was in proximity of Oberlin College, her opportunities for education were readily available.
  14. It is located in proximity of the lake and a 5-minute walk to the town center.
  15. The ankh appears in hand or in proximity of almost every deity in the Egyptian pantheon ( including Pharaohs ).
  16. Due to high pollution created by factories in proximity of the city the river was dying at an alarming rate.
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