in protest in a sentence

"in protest" in Chinese  
  1. howled in protest at the decision to give Beijing the highly sought
  2. Militant students held 52 Americans hostage in protest for 444 days.
  3. Trainer David Carroll scratched Keene Dancer from the race in protest.
  4. Howard canceled his financial pledge in protest and later stopped attending.
  5. Jewish religious leaders in Rome boycotted several interfaith meetings in protest.
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  7. American Indians have marched in protests every Saturday for two months.
  8. Bayly has called on voters to nullify their ballots in protest.
  9. US and Israeli flags are burned together in protests on campuses.
  10. They have taken to the streets in protest in recent months.
  11. The Real Madrid bench erupted in protest but to no avail.
  12. Hundreds of doctors and students shaved their heads Friday in protest.
  13. Women have stripped naked in the street and danced in protest.
  14. They left in protest and later filed complaints with the commission.
  15. Nine of their leaders have gone on hunger strike in protest.
  16. Some officials on the fiercely factionalized committee have resigned in protest.
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