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  1. The wonderful First Partita, just before intermission, seemed especially enticing in prospect.
  2. Restrictions on traffic in Prospect Park generally matched those in Central Park.
  3. Other Pfaltzgraff family members are buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery in York.
  4. During summer months, Footsteps organizes a weekly soccer game in Prospect Park.
  5. Salvator Altchek worked in Prospect Heights Hospital in Brooklyn, long since closed.
  6. It's difficult to find in prospect in a sentence.
  7. Watkins was slain two blocks from her apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.
  8. He lived in Prospect Heights, too, about a block from her.
  9. There is a boutique shopping strip on Prospect Road, further north in Prospect.
  10. Reconstruction of the missing sections of the wall is in prospect.
  11. The program's main offices are located in Prospect Hill Historic District.
  12. Rara is also performed in Prospect and Central Park in summertime New York.
  13. Analysts said nothing was in prospect to halt the dollar's slide.
  14. You'll also find Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine, across the Penobscot from Bucksport.
  15. Chatfield has many roles in Prospect, in addition to being mayor.
  16. Officials were not available for comment at Household's headquarters in Prospect Heights, Illinois.
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