in prospect of in a sentence

"in prospect of" in Chinese  
  1. Inti has faith in prospects of private education industry, BUSINESS
  2. As to a fourth question, whether the jurors were on their best behavior in prospect of being seen on network television, the plea is not guilty.
  3. Another feeder is the Luino link along Lake Maggiore which is about to be upgraded by Italy in prospect of the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.
  4. But the uncertainties of her early career persist in prospects of a strike next year by actors, writers and directors that could be financially devastating for all production workers.
  5. refers to the anime ( produced in prospect of being ) broadcast by independent stations generally located in the video game stakeholders, with limited commitment from the broadcasters for broadcast self-regulation.
  6. It's difficult to find in prospect of in a sentence.
  7. A year ago, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks of September 11, I wrote in Prospect of the need for the United States and its allies to launch a " ferocious retaliation " in response.
  8. Under the program, reseller could arrange one physical connection toward AMS-IX platform ( now solely a 10G connection, but in prospect of going to 100G ), and multiplexes " virtual-link " of other parties that connect to AMS-IX peering VLAN.
  9. Though some historians say that Stalin needed the church to win the war, by that point the USSR had already survived Disbandment ) and some historians believe that Stalin wanted to exploit the unifying potential of the church in prospect of the coming war.
  10. There was widespread concern about procedure and etiquette, not least amongst the touchy Highland chiefs ( notably Glengarry ), which Scott met by producing a shilling booklet " HINTS addressed to the INHABITANTS OF EDINBURGH AND OTHERS in prospect of HIS MAJESTY'S VISIT . By an old citizen ", which gave an outline of planned events with detailed advice on behaviour and clothing.
  11. Approaching a frozen stream accompanied by a broken bridge, Mengmei had little other choice than to cling himself upon a willow tree in prospect of using it as a means of crossing; but when he had initially lost his balance and fell while amidst this attempt, he was forced to humiliatingly plea for help, upon which was answered by Chen Zuilang, who happened to be present nearby.

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