in prose in a sentence

"in prose" in Chinese  
  1. He used poetry as a medium for writing in prose ."
  2. He deliberately writes in prose styles that follow natural speech cadences.
  3. In prose : " As for you, you Pierre Loti!
  4. Al-e-Ahmad used a colloquial style in prose.
  5. In prose, she often underlines connections between seemingly unimportant things.
  6. It's difficult to find in prose in a sentence.
  7. Alot of it is, in fact, in prose format.
  8. To define her in prose is a violation of the terms.
  9. He paraphrased 32 psalms in prose, and 30 in poetry.
  10. His writings are solid in substance and graceful in prose style.
  11. These include settings and subjective experience descriptions written in prose form.
  12. The work is in prose, with a few verses interspersed.
  13. Their lives are described in prose as formal as the characters themselves.
  14. A few translations have also been made in prose format.
  15. These stories are written for the most part in prose.
  16. Most of these were in verse, but some circulated in prose.
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