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  1. If sales are rising briskly, other expenses should be rising in proportion.
  2. This means it produces light in proportion to the particle s energy.
  3. McGrath's confidence is rocketing in proportion to the frustration of his rivals.
  4. Views should be represented in proportion to their representation in reliable sources.
  5. _Deductions or business expenses that seem large in proportion to reported income.
  6. It's difficult to find in proportion in a sentence.
  7. Others describe his estrangement from his father in proportions of Greek tragedy.
  8. Rockaway was particularly hard hit in proportion to the people we lost.
  9. Kaolinite is found in proportions of 50 % to over 75 %.
  10. They do not do that in proportion when optimization drives model solutions.
  11. When a picture is resized the bar will be resized in proportion.
  12. The eyes were large in proportion to the rest of the skull.
  13. The emission rate increases in proportion to the intensity of the light.
  14. Those holding winning tickets divide that sum in proportion to their wagers.
  15. You want to dress to keep yourself in proportion to the room.
  16. Her arms are outsized in proportion to the rest of her body.
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