in proportion with in a sentence

"in proportion with" in Chinese  
  1. Yet, critics say it is still not in proportion with need.
  2. In India compensation in favour of victim gets reduced in proportion with his negligence.
  3. My general advice regarding this is that your userpage must be in proportion with your contributions.
  4. The key to buying a hat is keeping it in proportion with your height and facial structure.
  5. As for plants, Williams tries to get dwarf types to keep in proportion with the miniature railroad.
  6. It's difficult to find in proportion with in a sentence.
  7. India's road conditions are not expanding / improving in proportion with the increase in vehicle numbers.
  8. Victoria's population is ageing in proportion with the average of the remainder of the Australian population.
  9. If divorces had grown in proportion with the population, there would have been 2, 634 in 1995.
  10. Asset-weighted results give emphasis to individual fund results in proportion with the amount of money they manage.
  11. The quality of customer service is likely to rise in proportion with the number of meetings you hold with them.
  12. Increasing trade levels also helped and the import of articles such as tea advanced in proportion with the growing population.
  13. Those reforms give judges the power to sanction attorneys for meritless shareholder lawsuits and to order settlements in proportion with guilt.
  14. Subtitled " an Indian Symphony, " this was a work symphonic in proportions with vocal soloists and a part for narrator.
  15. The Goldman index is comprised of the futures prices of 22 different commodities arranged in proportion with their importance in the world economy.
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