in proportion of in a sentence

  1. Another fact worth mentioning is the change in proportion of genders.
  2. The switch in proportions of cell types is unmistakable, he said.
  3. Others describe his estrangement from his father in proportions of Greek tragedy.
  4. Kaolinite is found in proportions of 50 % to over 75 %.
  5. The state ranked highest in proportion of population that is foreign born, with 26.9 percent.
  6. It's difficult to find in proportion of in a sentence.
  7. I am encouraged by the rise in proportion of investigations and the number of arrests related to killings,
  8. The rights shares will be issued with warrants in proportion of one warrant for every four rights shares.
  9. Of the largest Canadian cities, Calgary ranked third in proportion of visible minorities, behind Toronto and Vancouver.
  10. In proportions of 2 : 3, the flag displays the main shield of the city's coat of arms.
  11. The increase in proportion of Indian university graduates was partly due to the inflow of Indian permanent residents with university qualifications.
  12. Irish fiddlers also use a vocabulary of bow slurs different from other fiddle traditions, at least in proportion of usage.
  13. Mercury, in proportions of around 200 parts per million helped to prevent mildewing of surfaces and deterioration of paint in the can.
  14. When the proportion of offspring count in the latter hypothetical scenario is compared, the difference in proportion of offspring count becomes higher.
  15. It has been heralded as a significant development in addressing the global population boom and increase in proportion of people aged 60 plus.
  16. This is due to the fact that Singaporean Indians had a larger increase in proportion of university graduates compared with the Chinese and Malays.
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