in proper in a sentence

"in proper" in Chinese  
  1. But the inexpensive versions are putting the wine in proper perspective.
  2. Experts always say it is important to invest in proper seating.
  3. Where is the training in proper braking technique, steering control?
  4. May the new and the old always stay in proper balance.
  5. Those things that keep our legs in proper alignment, right?
  6. It's difficult to find in proper in a sentence.
  7. Hamlet, in proper fashion, was highly self-critical.
  8. McDowell accepted the award in proper _ if accented _ French.
  9. MacDowell accepted the award in proper _ if accented _ French.
  10. It means that the instruments used were in proper working order.
  11. He said the plane was returned to service in proper condition.
  12. Note that the above order is strictly followed in proper dictionaries.
  13. In proper conditions, it will also produce pale purple flowers.
  14. The inscriptions on the breastplate were not in proper grammatical Persian.
  15. Hormonal approaches to treatment have never been tested in proper trials.
  16. After repulsing Sumiyuki, Sumimoto succeeded the house in proper form.
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