in proper working order in a sentence

"in proper working order" in Chinese  
  1. Always be visible, and make sure your lights are in proper working order.
  2. It means that the instruments used were in proper working order.
  3. Are the latches sturdy and in proper working order?
  4. They would be the ones best certified to ensure the watch is in proper working order.
  5. Gutters, leaders and drainpipes, Holtzman said, should be cleaned and in proper working order and securely fastened in place.
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  7. In your home, it is critically important to be sure that all fuel-burning appliances are in proper working order.
  8. Clean chimney of soot buildup; make sure fireplace doors fit tightly and wood-burning stoves are in proper working order.
  9. GM lawyers had argued that Tucker was not wearing his belt, which they claimed was in proper working order.
  10. She is thankful for that, and, on a deeper level, thankful to be alive and in proper working order, airport security aside.
  11. Assuming the player's optical pickup is in proper working order, crosstalk distortion normally does not occur during playback of CAV format LaserDiscs, as the rotational speed never varies.
  12. She gives them a manual, which spells out the procedures : " Punch every possible voting position on every recorder to be sure all are in proper working order . ..
  13. -- Don't make your car repair appointment the day before your trip; you'll want to drive around a bit to make sure that everything in your car is back in proper working order before you hit the road.
  14. Once the piece had settled in, the reviews were favourable . " The Era " wrote, " The Pantomime is now in proper working order, the audience increase at each representation, and there is every prospect of a triumphant success ."
  15. In addition to law enforcement, the USCG will often use VBSS to conduct at-sea safety inspections of civilian vessels in US waters to ensure they are abiding by applicable safety regulations, have necessary safety equipment on board, and that said equipment is in proper working order.
  16. Soon afterwards, the rising awareness of vitamins was used in Marmite advertising, with slogans proclaiming that " A small quantity added to the daily diet will ensure you and your family are taking sufficient vitamin B to keep nerves, brain, and digestion in proper working order ."
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