in proper sequence in a sentence

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  1. Pope was able to arrange the lines in proper sequence and poetic form.
  2. Scheduling of regular academic courses and those in teaching methods is now better coordinated so candidates can take them in proper sequence.
  3. The blocks contain computer programming instructions that in proper sequence can make the robot roll for a second, stop, turn or back up when it hits a wall.
  4. Blessed are Thou "-as if the end of one prayer and the beginning of another, and this serves as a suitable mnemonic to keep the verses in proper sequence.
  5. In recalling their long association, Eisner said : " It is difficult to put all of the memories of this man in proper sequence because they are so many and so varied.
  6. It's difficult to find in proper sequence in a sentence.
  7. McCay had assistance from his neighbor, artist John Fitzsimmons, and from Cincinnati cartoonist William Apthorp " Ap " Adams, who took care of layering the cels in proper sequence for shooting.
  8. In North America, the official railroad definition of interlocking is : " " An arrangement of signals and signal appliances so interconnected that their movements must succeed each other in proper sequence " ".
  9. Though his series " Freaks and Geeks " was canceled by NBC, the original 18 episodes have found a new home at Fox Family Channel and will begin airing in proper sequence on Aug . 29.
  10. The researchers have also used the program to predict the performance of ceiling sprinklers in fires and to explain why a sprinkler next to one already active fails to open in proper sequence, a phenomenon known as sprinkler skip.
  11. Other activities include arranging the creatures on a raft in proper sequence, which develops comparing and statistical-thinking skills, and hitching a ride on a toad placed on the correct color-or shape-coded lily pad to bolster pattern analysis.
  12. He picks up a manual on top of the piano : " How To Play The Waltz In Six Easy Lessons by Johann Strauss . " Tom charges upstairs into the attic and teaches himself how to play, following the guidebook ( which consists of how to correctly play the first eight / nine notes of The Blue Danube, in proper sequence ), and after just six lessons, he is instantaneously an accomplished pianist.
  13. Brook said that " the best bits of the vocals were spread out all over the tape, and it was very hard to hear things in context or in proper sequence . " What they then did was transfer sections of what they called the original master to the vocal master, and then do a mock-up, synchronised mix to DAT of the different sections that they liked, stopping the DAT every time they moved to the next section.
  14. When used to reply to a request for free / busy time, the " ATTENDEE " property specifies the calendar user responding to the free / busy time request; the " ORGANIZER " property specifies the calendar user that originally requested the free / busy time; the " FREEBUSY " property specifies the free / busy time information ( if it exists ); and the " UID " and " DTSTAMP " properties are specified to assist in proper sequencing of multiple free / busy time replies.
  15. When used to request free / busy time information, the " ATTENDEE " property specifies the calendar users whose free / busy time is being requested; the " ORGANIZER " property specifies the calendar user who is requesting the free / busy time; the " DTSTART " and " DTEND " properties specify the window of time for which the free / busy time is being requested; the " UID " and " DTSTAMP " properties are specified to assist in proper sequencing of multiple free / busy time requests.

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