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  1. The longer survival without tumor shrinkage or change in progression is surprising.
  2. There is no defined paradigm for the syndrome aetiology and severity in progression.
  3. So there's nothing considerably wrong with editing while the game is in progression.
  4. Generally, in progression to cancer, hundreds of genes are promoters of protein coding genes.
  5. The development training sessions focus on improving basic technique in progression to carving parallel turns.
  6. It's difficult to find in progression in a sentence.
  7. Field defects have been identified in association with cancers and are important in progression to cancer.
  8. Field defects are important in progression to cancer.
  9. It is highly expressed in these cancers and helps in progression and development of these cancers.
  10. Seeing such pieces in progression is like hearing Picasso say, " What can I do next ?"
  11. In prostate cancer, the androgen receptor ( AR ) plays a critical role in progression of the cancer.
  12. These infrequent mutational alterations underscore the likely role of ERCC4 ( XPF ) deficiency in progression to cancer.
  13. The clinical trial did show that bevacizumab reduced tumor volumes and showed an increase in progression free survival time.
  14. Frenetic in progression and explicit in lyrical content, Adkins was known for having an unconventional take on traditional rockabilly.
  15. The central role of DNA damage in progression to cancer is indicated at the second level of the figure.
  16. They seem to be going in progression : Atlanta was harder than Barcelona, and Sydney will be harder than Atlanta,
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