in progress in a sentence

"in progress" meaning  "in progress" in Chinese  
  1. Tech players say the running game remains a work in progress.
  2. NTRA officials speak of the series as a work in progress.
  3. But signs that this is a work in progress were everywhere.
  4. The work of a young playwright is always work in progress.
  5. They made a commitment that it was a work in progress,
  6. It's difficult to find in progress in a sentence.
  7. The NBA says Shaw was moving toward a fight in progress.
  8. Placement of an additional 20 million shares was still in progress.
  9. Two other matches were in progress when the competition was halted.
  10. The investigation is still in progress and will take some days.
  11. Discussions are in progress to move an eighth rig to Argentina.
  12. It will be screened in Acapulco as a work in progress.
  13. The New York shows in progress at the time were canceled.
  14. This arm of the company is a work in progress too.
  15. Dean Cuttino says he considers the idea a work in progress.
  16. Legal action over the rights to his music is in progress.
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