in profusion in a sentence

"in profusion" in Chinese  
  1. It includes some sex and nudity, and obscenities in profusion.
  2. Bluebells grow in profusion in this valley in April and May.
  3. Mistletoe grows in profusion, especially on the old hawthorn scrub.
  4. Before World War II ended, uniforms could be found in profusion.
  5. Now straight plays are being presented in profusion and with marked success.
  6. It's difficult to find in profusion in a sentence.
  7. It is blessed with tropical and temperate fruits in profusion.
  8. In spring, jacaranda and flamboyant trees bloom in profusion.
  9. Songbirds pour through in profusion, spring and fall.
  10. Shakespeare uses these words to make " an aesthetic investment in profusion ".
  11. There were roses in profusion, the most beautiful in all the world.
  12. Picassos have been offered in profusion this week.
  13. Chappellet uses simple elements alone or in profusion.
  14. The dainty flowers, which occur in profusion, last from October until December.
  15. Home water filtration systems exist in profusion.
  16. Finland produces fine runners in profusion, but even among them she was a standout.
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