in payment for in a sentence

"in payment for" in Chinese  
  1. TV-series demanding $ 1 billion in payment for unauthorized usage of content.
  2. He also regularly received money from Germany in payment for his services.
  3. OPIC is still owed dlrs 453 million in payments for Enron-related projects.
  4. The CEO Stephen Hester got ? million in payments for the year.
  5. Often, these hospitals have received no increase in payments for years.
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  7. Disney asked Powers for an increase in payments for the cartoons.
  8. Bale had often used land in payment for services rendered him.
  9. And that $ 5 a day in payment for jury service?
  10. HMS Edinburgh was sunk bringing back Russian gold in payment for the materiel.
  11. In addition drastic cuts in payments for stores, grants and training also occurred.
  12. In payment for his services, Beckett promises Jack a share of the treasure.
  13. Castillo allegedly offered the officer a half-kilogram of cocaine in payment for the hit.
  14. The cuts in payments for representation of the indigent provoked outraged attorneys to strike.
  15. Together, those colleges received $ 16.8 million in payments for beverage contracts in 1997.
  16. Al-Bayyasi had promised three frontier fortresses to Ferdinand III in payment for his services.
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